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Who We Are

Our Philosophy

The distinctive features of each of us are marked in our DNA.

Passion, tradition and innovation are ours. Expressing this passion through every harvest and every glass of our wine is an opportunity to convey the typical characteristics of our land by constantly maintaining the balance between respect of the territory and innovation.

This is the only way our strong and deep roots allow us to look to the future, continuing to communicate to all lovers of  goodness and pleasure, evolution and love, the key ingredients of our wines. Our attention to detail is the sublimation of the pleasure of tasting a truly unique wine and every sip lets the palate rediscover flavours linked to ancient traditions, but with new research experiences. Because history is also in motion and Ongaresca moves with it.Time doesn’t stop and knowing how to change with it, it’s what sets us apart.

We believe that staying in that perpetual motion and being shaped with the surrounding area allows us to offer not only a simple glass of good wine, but an experience of pleasure that inebriates the palate and the soul.

At Cantina Ongaresca our gaze caresses the sky and the air, savour every season and settle on a generous, rich and strong land. Our idea of “good wine” is to give up abundant productions in order to obtain wines of great quality and personality.

The continuous and growing demand from the public and the continuous interest in our wines, however, satisfies us, confirming our choice. The cellar is always available to all those passionate about wine and still love to amaze their senses with authentic high quality perceptions.

Today Ongaresca is striving to grow in national and international markets by investing and enhancing the uniqueness of its wines, typical of these areas, typical of Veneto Region, a territory rich in natural, historical and cultural resources, to be increasingly competitive and for a continuous research for the quality of its productions.

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Wine is poetry, it is the music of the earth, and we make it a sublime expression...

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